First Light

The Cast

First Light is told primarily through flashback, so some characters roles change

  • Daniel – the closest we have to a protagonist. Husband/fiancé of Kerry, neat dude
  • Kerry – Daniel’s wife/fianceé, wishes she was a journalist, totally not pregnant you guys
  • Bob – Daniel and Kerry’s boss, pure evil, runs Petrol Inc., an oil company
  • Phil – Petrol’s HR rep with a dead wife who has a tragic boner for Kerry
  • Judy – Kerry’s bff, very important to the story
  • Jackson – Daniel and Kerry’s idiot son, thankfully only appears in the first chapter


Chapter One

Chapters Two and Three

Chapters Four and Five

Chapters Six and Seven

Chapters Eight and Nine

Chapters Ten and Eleven

Chapters Twelve and Thirteen

Chapter Fourteen to Sixteen

Chapter Seventeen and Eighteen

Chapter Nineteen to Twenty-Two

Chapters Twenty-Three to Twenty-Five